This is a place for my thoughts. A place to direct people to for more background around my tweets @onnlucky.

I’m a skeptic. I think all knowledge is ultimately rooted in observation and layers of interpretation and reasoning. We can become confident in our knowledge when it affords us more accurate predictions about the world. Using such knowledge should make us more effective.

As a skeptic I’ll point out two things:

  • when knowledge is not traceable to that root;
  • when unwarranted doubt is cast on knowledge that has already demonstrated itself.

Effectiveness is the benchmark for knowledge. And this benchmark shows the skeptical method as a whole works. It works for science, it works for your personal life.

But don’t mistake this cold analysis of reality as not accounting for feelings, emotions, love, or being a good person. But first be a honest observer of reality, then choose according to your preferences; this is the more effective way, this is the more honest way.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates