AntiRSI at 10!

I wrote AntiRSI over ten years ago. Back then it was open-source and I welcomed donations. Many did donate, thank you! That supported me as a student, and later most of my digital live.

When Apple came with the Mac Store, I gave AntiRSI a fresh lick of paint, fixed some issues due to OSX upgrades and put it in the store. Once did I need to do some updates, to keep up with the latest OSX releases. Many people have bought it from the store. And I've received much thanks and good feedback. Again, thank you!

Today AntiRSI can use some attention. And I am happy to announce I've gone freelance. There are already quite some projects upcoming, but AntiRSI is certainly high on that list. So expect some bug fixes and enhancements soon.

Sometimes I meet people, and they recognize me as the author of AntiRSI. That is the weirdest thing, but in a good way. Again thank you all for your support, and stay tuned.

App link: AntiRSI my cv